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Why Bulwagga Anchors out perform every other anchor…

Bulwagga Boat Anchor sand set landing and pivot  The symmetrical three fluke 
  configuration insures the anchor 
  lands in perfect deployment position 
  every time it reaches the bottom. 
  Once on the bottom (1), a pull on the 
  rode shifts the anchor onto the leading 
  edges of two flukes (2).

Bulwagga anchor sand set pivot
  The full weight of the anchor then pitches 
  forward onto the points, which begin to 
  penetrate immediately (3).

  The Bull's balanced, deep burrowing action secures your boat
  within a few feet on just about any type of bottom.  
  On rock bottoms, the points quickly engage crevices.

Bulwagga Anchor sand set sequence
The bulky shanks on other anchors cause resistance that prevents deep sets.  The Bull's slender
super strength alloy shaft reduces resistance,
allowing flukes to dig deep immediately.  
Wind shifts that dislodge other anchors just cause The Bull to dig deeper.  In the unlikely event 
it dislodges, The Bull will rotate onto an adjacent fluke and quickly reset itself.
Despite the deep secure set, the Bulwagga Anchor breaks out easily when the boat is positioned
directly above for retrieval.

The Weed Buster

Bulwagga Anchor weed set sequence
  The geometry of the Bull allows it to straddle a weedy bottom on its edges 
  rather than "bed down" on weeds, only to snag them for a false "set". 
  When a load is applied, the Bull immediately rotates up onto its points and 
  quickly penetrates the weeds to begin its deep setting action. 
  (click on image to enlarge)

  Due to the trefoil configuration, the Bull always has a vertical "stabilizer" fin 
  that keeps the anchor from tipping or sliding as it buries in a set. The vertical 
  fluke keeps the anchor digging down evenly and on a level plane for maximum 
  engagement on the two holding flukes.

The Bull In Action

If your browser is Java enabled, the sequence below demonstrates the anchor from landing to 
fully set. Although this is an animation, it is a true representation of each step and an accurate 
indication of how little distance is required for The Bull to set in most bottoms. 

Below are 2 actual video clips of the Bulwagga Anchor at work.
An orange marker is positioned as a reference of how quickly 
the points engage and burrowing begins.


Size /  Format

1.6Mb / MPEG (160 x 112 pxls)

The Bull adjusts to sudden wind and current shifts by rotating onto 
an adjacent fluke and quickly re-establishing a set.

Size / Format

2.8Mb / MPEG (160 x 112 pxls)

Bulwagga Anchor rock set sequence  Retractable Shank
   The trefoil design of the anchor allows The Bull to rotate 
   while seeking to engage its flukes in crevices on rock bottoms.  
   Removing the limiting pin allows the shaft to retract through the crown, 
   so you can "back the anchor out" when anchoring where snags under 
   rocks, logs or other submerged obstacles are likely.

    (click image for enlargement)

It sets. It Holds. You relax.
Bulwagga owners appreciate the superior setting and holding ability of their anchor 
every time they anchor. Under ideal conditions, many anchors are adequate.  
But experienced boaters know how suddenly conditions change. 
That's when the superior setting and holding strength of  a Bulwagga Anchor can 
be the difference between a secure boat and one in serious trouble.

For serious boaters seeking the most reliable boat anchor, the Bulwagga Anchor is the 
anchor to buy. Don't just take our word for it. Read the anchor test results from 
Practical Sailor
. And read the reports from Bull owners.  

Buy a Bulwagga Anchor and you will agree that The Bull is the best insurance a boater 
can have.  

Crafted with pride in the U.S.A. using only the best materials, every Bulwagga 
Anchor is hot dipped galvanized with a durable, rust proof finish and features 
a super strength alloy shank and retaining pin.

Bulwagga Anchors provide unprecedented reliability.  Quite simply, The Bull is...

The World's Most Dependable Anchor! TM

Toll-Free Number 1-888-586-4732

Southeast Florida

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